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There are many choices when it comes to wood stoves at Green Energy Options! Heat output, clearances, log length, radiant or convective, burn times, catalytic or non-catalytic... etc. Fortunately for this market there are many manufacturers and fortunately for the consumer, we are here with the knowledge to help you pick the right stove! Let's face it, once you pick out your stove, you'll be staring at it for 20 or 30 years. Let us help you get you the right one! Click here for customer testimonials.



Life-long source of warmth & comfort

We are extremely happy to offer our customers Jotul stoves! Jotul's quality, attention to detail, and dependability makes their full line of stoves a customer favorite! Their company was founded in Norway in 1853 and has been producing excellent cast iron stoves ever since. In addition to being great stoves, we think you'll find them very competitively priced. Some of their models are assembled in Maine with a combination of parts made in the US and in Norway. Their stoves are easy to operate with only one air control. ALL of their stoves use a secondary burn which burns the smoke created by the fire using up all the available fuel before letting the gases escape. What this means is more heat from less wood and less particulate (smoke/soot) being released into the atmosphere. Jotul stoves carry a 5 year warranty and are backed by a wonderful technical service department.

Jotul stoves encompass all the best aspects of the hearth industry and we invite you to try one in your home so you can be warm and toasty this winter!






Morso is the oldest stove company in the world. They are from Denmark and tend towards a more modern styling when it comes to their cast iron. From our experience, they also have the most beautiful flames of any of the brands we carry. If the enjoyment of watching the fire burn is important to you, Morso's flames cannot be missed! They dance and sway due to the carefully controlled combustion happening in the firebox. Many of their smaller stoves are perfect cabin, cottage, or room heaters. Morso's commitment to the environment is impressive. All their stoves are made from recycled cast iron - like brake drums and lamp posts. 80% of the energy used to make the stove is from sustainable sources, mostly wind, and their packaging and media materials are all created from recycled materials.

Contemporary styling, green manufacturing processes, and a gorgeous burn make Morso stoves a serious contender whenever considering a cast iron stove.




Vermont Castings


Vermont Castings is now an employee-owned company! All of their stoves are from Randolph and Bethel, Vermont- right here in New England. There are two main reasons our customers choose Vermont Castings. First, top-loading! You don't have to bend over to feed the fire. Second, they are the most ornate of the brands we carry. Vermont Castings also uses 100% recycled cast iron for their stoves. The way they cast their pieces is interesting, they use the finest glacial sand in the world, that is precisely mixed with clay and sea coal to ensure its smoothness and cohesion in order to maintain the integrity of the design.






Hearthstone of Vermont makes the finest soapstone and cast iron stoves. Even on their cast iron stoves, they line the firebox with soapstone. Soapstone is a natural metamorphic rock. Once heated, soapstone stays warm for hours, making it the ideal material for overnight heating or for other long stretches of time when you can't tend the fire. Several thick pieces of stone comprise the top, sides and back of the stove. Inside the stove, the stone directly absorbs the high heat of the fire, while the outside radiates heat into the room from its polished surface. Soapstone also has attractive veining and other naturally created patterns, which are one-of-a-kind decorative elements and its rich colors can actually deepen over time.

The heat quality of stone is gentle, even and comfortable; you can sit close to a soapstone stove without getting the uncomfortable blast of heat you would feel from steel. The surface temperature is also less hot, which is a safety advantage, particularly for homes with young children.



blaze king



Made in the USA since 1977, Blaze King has been using secondary combustion since the beginning, and has been invested in perfecting the catalytic woodstove since 1983. They manufacture their incredibly robust, efficient catalytic stoves in Walla Walla, Washington. Most models include a built-in mechanical thermostat which constantly monitors the heat output of the stove, providing controlled comfort all night long. These stoves will burn 20-30-40+ hours on low with a single load of wood. More heat; Less wood!

Producing more heat than any other stove, Blaze King has the lowest average emissions of all wood stoves on the market.

Because their exhaust temperatures are so low these stoves require double wall stove pipe and a well insulated chimney to function properly. Thier catalytic combustors have a 10 year warrenty and are easy to replace.

Options range from the "King" with a 4+ cubic foot fire box to more modest sized stoves. Many of the stoves come with several stove bodies to choose from: Steel, Cast Iron, or Contemporary while using the same advanced firebox in each stove. This allows the customer to suit their aesthetic tastes.






HWAM stoves come from Denmark. They export about 70% of their production to Western Europe, especially Germany and Norway. Interestingly, they also have a loyal following in Japan as well. We are happy that we can bring these extremely high-quality stoves to our little corner of the world. A feature not found on any of our other brands is the Auto-pilot damper. This feature controls airflow based on temperature. This means the stove burns more consistently and will use 30-40% less wood over the same period of time as many of it's competitors. After you light it, there is no need to adjust any of the air controls. Learning about the people who work there will tell you a lot about their stoves. Their designer, Anders C. Fasterholdt's basic attitude is Function before all.

"HWAM A/S is situated at Horning, south of Arhus, Denmark. It is a 100% family-owned company in which all the shares are owned by my wife, myself, and our three children. We all play an active role in the daily operation of the company and possess competencies in different areas. When you own a company that you have built up from nothing, you have very special feelings about products, the company itself, and your employees. They all have a place in your heart and when you really believe in something, you're willing to go that extra mile in order to make sure you succeed." Vagn Hvam Pedersen - Founder




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