Composting toilets are often used in places that don't have septic systems. This makes them popular in lake homes, summer cottages, and other places where installing plumbing is difficult. When properly installed and maintained, composting toilets are an excellent year round option as well.

Sun-Mar uses the simple processes of decomposition and evaporation to process waste. Waste from toilets contains over 90% water, and this liquid is evaporated into the atmoshpere through the vent system. The remaining compost can be used as fertilizer. This is a great alternative to filling a septic system with waste matter that sits in a septic tank before being relocated to a waste treatment facility.

The Sun-Mar Excel is the best-selling unit in North America and for a good reason. It has a high capacity Bio-drum toilet that is very simple to operate and features a well proven technology maikig it extremely reliable. For more information about composting toilets and systems, visit





Sun-Mar has revolutionized garder composters. The Sun-Mar 400 is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gallon) capacity! It's ideal for kitchen scraps and garden cuttings. The AutoFlow system allows material to continuously flow or move through a special double-drum setup. Heavier material settles to the bottom. Lighter decomposed material finds its way to the top and eventually enters the inner drum. Using the flow system, finished compost is forced out when you open the port and rotate.

These composters are pest resistant and easy to load and turn.

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