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Green Energy Options (GEO) is a source for technical support, system design, installations and advice about energy efficient home heating and solar energy. At our family-owned store, in downtown Keene, customers can have a hands-on experience, ask questions and become completely informed before buying.

Pablo Fleischmann was twenty-two years old when he moved to New Hampshire to live with his wife, Valerie Piedmont, in the "backwoods" cabin she had built from scratch. Together they continued to design and expand what is now their family's four-bedroom, off-the-grid home and bustling bed and breakfast. "In the old days we hauled water, cooked on a woodstove and read by candlelight in our non-electric home. It was a great way to raise children," says Valerie. "Little by little we upgraded; we purchased a gas stove, a gas refrigerator and started buying components for a solar-electric (photovoltaic; PV) system. On Labor Day of 1989, we hooked up our first light bulb. Our house now supports the various and many needs of hundreds of guests each year, curious to experience the peace and joys of off-grid living."

By opening Green Energy Options, Pablo found a way to blend all of his talents and experiences into a rewarding career. "Green Energy Options allows me to do something personally meaningful, while making a difference in the world. The time is right and people are seeing how they can be part of the solution." We help customers make energy efficient choices while saving money at the same time.

In 2015 GEO partnered with The American Lung Association to improve the quality of air in Keene by participating in the Woodstove Changeout Program.Nearly 150 inefficient woodstoves in our community have been replaced by EPA Certified high-efficiency woodstoves. Each replaced stove represents a decrease in particulate emissions. This means that people are breathing cleaner air.

GEO partners with The Sustainability Project, a non-profit educational organization founded in 2000. The Sustainability Project promotes a love of nature, environmental stewardship and caring communities living in harmony with nature. This partnership blends technology and humanism to solve the social and environmental problems of our times. For more information about The Sustainablity Project, visit www.emersonbrookforest.org


  • We're a local family business committed to providing excellent service.
  • We offer competitive prices for premium quality products
  • We offer on-site evaluations to be sure that our customers are purchasing the most appropriate products for their homes.
  • Our stores are run by environmentally conscience business people. We want to show everyone how easy it is to reduce their utility bills and make a positive difference in our environment, economy and our future.
  • We are working towards B Corp certification, which means that we strive for socially and environmentally responsible standards of conducting business.
  • We're not here just to "make a buck"... we are here to make a difference.
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